kau da besar anis =.=

23 November 19**
hepi besday hanis syazwany bt md lazim !!! 
you become older n older but maintain cute =p
nO birthday party but i have a great peeps around me
2010 ::
* thnx to Allah swt panjang kan usia =)
*thnx to my mOm yg lahirkan ako =)
*thnx to my dad yg membesarkan ako
*thnx to my sweet sibling
*thnx to peeps around me 
*thnx fo your gift n mCd
*thnx to all wish my besday 

really appreaciete that  =)

written by cutie finger

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  1. Selamat Hari Lahir.. May Allah Bless You..

    maintan cute ea? hehe awesome..



sapa rasa dia CANTEK komen la sini ^__^